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The Kfar Saba Economic Development Corporation

Promoting urban development and groundbreaking entrepreneurship for a better quality of life for the residents of Kfar Saba

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Business Administration

By taking steps to attract a flow of new businesses into Kfar Saba, the Corporation's Business Administration has been able to increase the city's number of available places of employment for the benefit of its residents, in parallel to increasing municipal income from businesses.

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Business development division

Business development projects are selected based on their contribution to the public areas and to the city’s residents in particular, for instance – the affordable housing program, solar systems project and more.

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Operations Division


Our Operations Division, responsible for managing municipal assets, develops and initiates a range of services and solutions for residents in various areas, and provides urban services at the highest standards.

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Planning and Construction Division

Over the past year the Corporation has implemented a number of construction and infrastructure projects including the construction of new preschools, renovation of existing schools, development of industrial areas, drainage works and more.

About the Corporation

The Kfar Saba Economic Development Corporation Ltd., is a municipal subsidiary, fully owned by the Kfar Saba Municipality.

The corporation’s main goals are to establish and promote economic projects for the benefit of the city’s residents, utilizing municipal or public/private funds situated within the local authority, the utilization of which would ensure a positive return – both publicly and economically, for the city’s benefit.

Since 1991 the Corporation has operated within the municipal area of the city of Kfar Saba, serving as the municipality’s operational division in three main areas:

  • Design and implementation of construction and infrastructure projects

  • Management and operation of a number of municipal fields

  • Business development, municipal business administration and initiation of projects for the city and its residents

The Kfar Saba Economic Development Corporation is a business Corporation, whose operation relies on financial success indices and clear goals. As such, the Corporation is an important resource for urban development and entrepreneurship within the local authority.

Some of our leading Projects

Raf Taf

Raf Taf

Renovation of building facedes

Renovation of Building Facades

Ram-Sa-Ba - An urban program for treatment of construction waste


shared transport (image of volkswagen van)

Shared Transport

afunim logo

Afunim - a Healthy Nutrition Program

logo new under the sun - Kfar Saba's solar roofs initiative

New Under The Sun

green up city logo

Circular Economy POC Accelerator

Sharelock logo


Contact Us

Address: Hataas 11 st., Kfar Saba


Phone: +972-9-7674615

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